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Unique Italian Method Based on PHD Research

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Benefits of School Method

  • Teach kids how to think musically, based on strong teaching and concert activities
  • PHD violin professor with 15 years of teaching experience
  • Play with original, unique and professional music arrangements for each exercise

Why Learn Violin Online?

  • Never stay alone - always have instructor in front of you!
  • Have a private class in your home, learn at your own pace
  • Access on any device: mobile, tablet or laptop at any time
Special Offer for $19/Mo.
Start Learning Now! Online Course for $19/Mo.

Meet Your Violin Instructor

Kristina Mirkovic, Serbian violinist naturalized in Italy, began her violin studies in 1990, being encouraged by the family music tradition or four generations of professional musicians. She completed her music degree in 2005 at the Academy of Music in Novi Sad (Serbia), graduating with Prof. Eugenia Kravzeva (Moscow); after that Kristina also followed a summer masterclass at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow. Thanks to the references of Prof. Milan Uzelac (University of Novi Sad, Serbia) and Prof. Gabriele Scaramuzza (University of Milan, Italy) and thanks to the scholarship of the Ministry of Education of Serbia, 'Young Serbian Talents around the world ' (won three times), she began the two-year specialization in musicology at the University of Milan and also she continued violin studies at the International Academy of Music in Milan with Prof. Francesco Borali. In 2009 she completed Musicology studies, graduating with honors discussing a thesis on the musical tradition of her family, with Professors Nicola Scaldaferri and Cesare Fertonani.

Violin school online

Kristina knows how to nudge the kids a step beyond their possibilities in a gentle and rewarding way, learning with fun and without great difficulty... A teaching method that mixes fun, technique and passion. Thanks Kristina!


...Just try it once with Kristina and all doubts disappear! She can understand perfectly what I like, in my own time... I grew so much in very little time, having a great time and it gives me a lot of satisfaction! Thank you so much Kris!


Doktora Brava!!! Great Violinist and great teacher! Now I look with great curiosity to know the Mirkovic method that will be a success because it comes from a great expertise and a great passion. Thanks for everything!


...I recommend Metodo Mirkovic for children who do not want to have regrets not to have started early to study the violin, but also to adults who do not want to waste time and who want to approach this instrument - and which also fail to play interesting and challenging pieces!


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